Testimonials for Brian Gilliland

I am so grateful for this word! It is overwhelming…Your ministry is invaluable! (EA)

The word you delivered is a great encouragement. Thank you for seeking The Lord on my behalf. (RH)

Thank you so much for this word. I enjoy how, when God brings me a 'critique' through another person, it is always in a way that feels almost humorous, but I can also see the lessons. I so appreciate your faith in delivering this word. (KD)

The word was very accurate and confirms other prophetic words received. Thank you, thank you for serving the Lord and His people the way you do. (EA)

Thank you for the prophetic word which was not only accurate but edifying too. (RN)

Blessings - Your word was precise and timely to a fault. (D)

This was an accurate and encouraging word! Confirmation and insight was gained from this word! Blessings to you & your ministry! (TJ)

This sure sounds a lot like my oldest son, wow! wow! I am so excited about this word. (EK)

I am so blessed that this Word from God came so suddenly. It is so encouraging. Thank you so much for going to God for me (SF)

Your word really does minister to me and it is reassuring to know that I haven't missed Him and that the season for change is coming.(JB)

The word served as a great encouragement. (MJ)

Your word was so accurate, I actually e-mailed Kent Simpson to see if you guys had talked about what I do with PMT (you hadn’t!) Thanks for the confirmation! – (JR)

Thank you for your word. Very true and very accurate. (MB)

This is the most accurate word I've received so far. Thank and praise God for your ministry. (AG)

Thank you so much for such a timely word. Thank you for being a vessel of God and I appreciate your timely word with much gratitude and thanksgiving. Until we speak again, stay blessed and be encouraged. (CM)

God bless you! Your word was Right on! This word is so encouraging! Thank you! Thank you! (LG)

Thank you very much for the prophetic word. Very well written and precise. I will treasure it and look forward to God’s expansion for my life. (KM)

Thank you very much for the God's word through you. It is the first time I have been portrayed correctly in Christ. Thanks again for praying for my son. Wonderful prophecy. (CJ)

Thank you so much!! The words you gave me were amazing. You describe my situation exactly. So thank you for encouragement and the greeting which you have conveyed from the Lord. (OH)

Brian has ministered to many people – not only to those within our Church but also to many who have been referred to us by other ministries. Using his undoubted prophetic God-given gift he has spoken very directly and accurately into their lives with powerful results. His gentle nature and heart for the underdog mark him as someone eminently suitable for this important calling. It has been a delight to watch him grow spiritually and take his place in God’s plans. (Pastors B & C McClay)

Thank you so much sir. Indeed the words from the Lord which are coming through you to me are inspiring, don’t know but as I was reading tears rolled down from my eyes. Keep me and my family in your prayers. Praise the Lord always. God bless you sir. Thank you, thank you so much once again. (S.D.)

I can really relate to this word. I've tried a lot of things on for size and many of them did not work out right. I am in a season of change and have been faced with indecision often. The word encourages me that God knows where I am and will make his way clear to me. Thank you so much! (L)

Because the analogy of flowers I of course identify and loved it. I think the part that ministered to me the most was the identifying of the change in my life having to leave some old things behind and embrace the new things. The way they were worded in the prophecy made it very clear that the Lord does not want me to hang on but wants me to go forward. It was a great word. (S)