Jeanette Jordan Testimonials

The words sent to me brings great comfort and solace to my heart. I have been at a rock and a hard place for a long time but through it all I sense the hand of God upon me and with me, and I will continue to trust Him and Him only. The words I received in prayer made me weep before the Lord in thanksgiving. and the statement "the books are in the closet" my journals, my journey and the books God is unearthening inside of me to write. i just praise God for His faithfulness and using this ministry to minister to me. May God continually bless the works of your hands and prosper you in the way you go. So be it, Amen.

Kay S.

Hi Jeanette,

Thank you taking the time out to deliver the word of the Lord to me. Everything that you said is 100 percent accurate, correct, and on point. The voice of the Lord is very powerful in your life. He confirmed many things for me that he had said to me, and it is good to have those confirming word when pressing forward on some major things.

Rodrick G.

Thank you so much for the word. It is saying what I have been told by the Lord and what many others have said. It is also a confirmation of the dream I had today of the presence of God being so heavy upon me. Thank you so much.

Margaret S.

Wow thank you Jeanette your word confirms the song i wrote from Psalm. I pray that God reveals to you the other areas of my life that i need his guidance. May God richly bless you.

Mwangala K.

Dear Jeanette,

My wife and I cried as we received the prophetic words from the Lord through you today. They were one hundred percent accurate and pertinent to what we are dealing with now...

We are so grateful for your ministry! May God bless you and strengthen you in all that you are doing for Him!

David S.

Thank you so much, that is a beautiful word! Wow, It is so on point! What a blessing it is! I was singing a song yesterday and it talks about how the Lord will carry me when I can not take anymore. Also I do sing and dance when I go through hard things!

Thailyn R.

Thank you so much for this beautiful word, I felt so encouraged and blessed to receive it. I have had another person speak a word over my life and they also spoke of me as similar to the flower Jasmin and having the scent of the lord especially to draw others to the lord. As I listened to your word I felt the lords love over me and that for me is enough. I also love the song magnificent it is beautiful.

Thank you again for this word, I felt really blessed and encouraged!

Jasmin J.


Thank you so much for taking the time to give me that word, and I can relate to all of it. It was a blessing and right on for what God’s doing right now in my life and for the changes I’m going through. And yes, I would wear those socks!(or something different)

Thanks again.


Dear Jeanette,

Thank you for your prayer, the hearing of God’s words shared with you, and encouraging me! My journey has been filled with great hardships, struggles and challenges, but I have continued to race towards God, and to be in the land of milk and honey. Praise God that I have made it to the promised land! I have been praying asking and believing in a victorious life, each day be victorious in Christ Jesus with his strength, wisdom, knowledge, blessings, protection, provisions, and skills needed for each day. And just this very morning, I prayed and asked God for his favor on my life! Praise God for the answers to prayers! I acknowledge and accept God’s will for my life, His favor with all I do, His blessings, and the word to rest! Such a blessing to also know that I am His masterpiece, and giving me the image of the golden cup and wreath around my neck. The joy of knowing that I have made God proud and that He is bestowing favor upon me.

Thank you for listening to God and using your gift from Him. May God bless you!

Vicki G.

Thank Jeanette for me she spoke to a number of seasons in my life and a good majority of that was just plain right on the money it was encouraging to know that the new season is being launched and I'll be stepping into some new directions it was a good word I loved it



Thank you so much! Love you and God bless you. I don't have anybody so I really appreciate you and your husband.


Dear Jeanette

Thank you for praying for me and praying me through. Thank you for this word. It is right on. I have gone in circles and wondered how to stop it. I have sought the Lord about this as it seems nothing works. I find myself jumping right back on the track. :( I did start to focus more on praise, worship and thanksgiving, and that is helping. Still need the roots or "wounds" destroyed so the enemy won't have anything to use to push my buttons. That seems to be the issue.

If the Lord gives you anything else for me, especially any specific instructions or ways to release the anointing powerfully enough to break all yokes, let me know.

I really like this ministry and hope to be a greater part of it in the future, especially going to the meetings when they come in my area.



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