Tavaris Shands

It was at the age of 7yrs old when I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I was happy but a little nervous as I walked up to the front of the front of the church, as the deacons and pastor of the church received me with a smile. Soon after that day I felt God had a special plan concerning my life. Not long after accepting Christ I joined the usher board ministry, then from there I joined the choir and from there to playing a musical instrument in the church. I have been active in music ministry for at least 15 years, God blessed me with a wonderful ability to play rhythm & lead guitar. Between the ages of 15-18 I had a strong unction that God was going to use me for his glory in a mighty way. My life changed at the age 21-22 years old when one night at a revival service a Prophet picked me out of the church congregation in which he prophesied and laid hands on me for the work of ministry. I didn't truly realize what all this meant back then, as I experienced the power of the holy spirit as the Prophet stretched forth his hands with anointing oil declaring over me that I would be a Prophet as well. As time went on I received at least 3-4 more confirmations of the same word as a Pastor/Prophet. I would just know things deeply within my inner spirit but wouldn't really say a lot to other people thinking that they wouldn't understand. Before certain things would happen, I would get a strong feeling of how the details would turn out and manifest. At the age of 35 I received prophetic counseling bringing more understanding and closer to the prophetic calling upon my life. I became a licensed ordained prophetic minister on February 17, 2017 with the Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle allowing me to exercise my gift of hearing the voice of God and ministering to his people. I look forward to ministering to all who God brings into my life to receive a prophetic word. I thank Prophet Kent Simpson for allowing me to minister under the PMT banner and for believing in my gift as well. Come receive a prophetic word from God concerning your life situation. I will be honored to prophesy

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