Brian and Carmen Clements

Brian and Carmen were both ordained as pastors in 2004 with Parables world-wide ministries out of Australia under an apostolic/prophetic ministry …We are marketplace ministers operating in the prophetic ministry as well as healing and freedom ministry, business consulting. And do from time to time itinerate ministry as the Lord leads.

We are now under Kent Simpson as prophetic Ministers and so glad the Lord lead us to this ministry which tells the truth.

Carmen my wife is a dynamic, passionate inspiring woman of God and prophesies too many people encouraging them and seeing the prophetic words the Lord gives her for people come to pass…

Carmen was born into European royalty and is a Baroness by birth she was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and came to Canada over 30 years ago... she is a very successful business woman and also was a social worker, licensed clinical counsellor and now a licensed prophetic counsellor setting the captives free... carmen has witnessed many signs miracles and wonders in her life and well as having many encounters with angels. She has a supernatural miracle ministry, many people being healed, relationships, marriages been restored, business finances increased etc. people are drawn to her for the love she has for them through the Holy Spirit. Carmen longs to see people propelled into their destinies and callings God has for them. She has helped many people and seen the wonders God has done in their lives. Very rewarding to see…I believe my wife has a seer anointing. A very compassionate person. She is also an expert in the dating/relationship field bringing many people together in long term committed marriages; she has over 25 years experience doing that. We have also been through many ups and downs in live like others, came from an addicted background to alcohol, have both been dry for over 20 years each. Through AA we found each other and God…gave our heart to Him and have not looked back since. We are a work in progress; love the Lord and learning more about him each and every day. We are very blessed and thankful for what the Lord did in our own personal lives and still continues to do…we give him all the honor and glory in Yeshua’s Name…

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