David Falsetta

I am not the most likely candidate but because I am obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ I am writing this testimony. I was born Catholic sprinkled as a baby. I grew up in the Catholic Church went to catechism loved the Lord from a very early age. As a young boy my mind always seemed to be elsewhere I believe I had angelic encounters as a young boy unbeknownst to me. My appointed angel/angels were watching over me. My family grew up in an undesirable neighborhood in a poor part of town one day when I was out playing down the street from my house, I was about 4 years old and I saw a woman walking down the sidewalk I asked her if she was hungry and offered to take her home and get her something to eat. She took me by the hand and we went home, when we got there she warned my mother that I was in danger and that I should not go so far from my home. My mother said that she had never seen that women before and that she had never seen her again. As I continued to grow I grew close to the Lord and would have visions all the time so much so that I earned the nick name of “Dreamer”. My parents didn’t know and neither did I, we were Catholic and they didn’t talk about supernatural gifts. My “day dreaming” as mother called it was bothersome to her and I learned over time not to do it. As I grew older and by the time I entered high school I was distant from the Lord-I still loved Him but was becoming worldly and when I went off to college I was fully departed from His ways, lost to the world.

I later married my high school sweetheart whom I knew loved the Lord and to whom I credit my return to the Lord. We have two children a boy and a girl. We wanted them to know the Lord Jesus Christ too and my wife started taking them to a small bible church down the road from us. My wife would tell me about this preacher that preached like she has never heard before and told it like it is. I was tired of the ritualistic Catholic masses and wanted no part in that. When she told me about this new church with a no-nonsense preacher I wanted to see for myself. I saw and couldn’t believe what I heard I went back and kept going. That pastor was run out of the church and we found another church in town another Baptist church! It was in this Baptist church that I meet the living God of the bible. I was in bible study and the pastor was talking about what brought the most glory to God was the making of new Christians. When I heard this I was feeling so far behind, I was grieved in my heart and cried out to God in my mind-saying Lord I have never done anything for you, what can I do? To my surprise I heard just as plain as day the Lord said “hold a revival across the street” Well across the street from the church was the county fairgrounds—I was stunned to say the least. This was the start of several supernatural events that have changed my life. (I was obedient and we did hold a revival the Lord blessed us) A couple months later I was taking one on one bible study with the pastor of this Baptist church when after the study I shook hands and gave him a hug when all of a sudden, I was overcome with a feeling unlike anything I have ever felt. I wasn’t sure what it was, all I could say was it felt like God’s love it bubbled up in me, to overflowing. I didn’t say anything to anyone for quite a while. I had to reason it through my mind and all I could come up with is-it felt like God’s love—all I can say about that is, if heaven feels half that good we are all in for a real treat. Later my wife told me all I ever talked about after this event was Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus…Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. (come to find out I believe the Lord saw I was serious about Him and at this time He filled me with His Holy Spirit. The Baptist don’t talk about such things so I didn’t know.) This was my awakening-the Lord has woken me from a slumber and His Holy Spirit is leading me toward my purpose that He has for me. I experience dreams and visions and the voice of the Lord is my comfort. I have prayed about my gift and feel I am ready to use it to benefit the body of Christ by stepping out in faith to bring edification, exhortation and comfort to the body.

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