Judith Oldridge

(Personal Intercessor for Prophet Kent Simpson & Staff)

There was an evangelistic crusade in a city near our home when I was 6. I asked Jesus to be my Savior during that crusade and have grown in my faith throughout the years. It has always been my desire to pray for people and the Lord has given me many opportunities to do that. I attended Camps as a child and then later worked as a Counselor at Camps. It was one of the places I learned how to pray for others.

My husband Ed and I have been married over 40 years and we have 2 married daughters and 7 grandchildren. Many moves around the country have allowed us the privilege of ministering to many neighbours and friends. I like to write, paint watercolour pictures, and pray. I have had several books published and they are in print now (see titles on the next page).

I enjoy bringing needs to the Lord and have watched Him answer those requests in beautiful ways. I see potential in others and love to encourage them. I am an Intercessor that is willing to stand in the gap between people and God-asking Him to bring heaven to earth for them. There are times when you need to have someone you can call on to pray with you and for you. I have been an Intercessor for many years and have seen God answer more prayers than I could count. We watch for His answers every day. He is so faithful.

My desire has been to live for the Lord all through the years. He has been faithful to guide me into truth by sending others along the path to guide me. The Word has given me the foundation I needed, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit many years ago. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Intercession has been a big part of my life, and now I'm an intercessor as a staff member for several businesses. We've seen miracles that are a testimony to the community through this avenue of ministry. Mentoring younger women has been a source of joy as well.

Each one of us on NAWFG work in an area of Ministry that suits our gifts. The area of Intercession for Businesses is still relatively new, but it is becoming increasingly important. There is a great need for individuals and families with businesses to be covered in prayer. It makes a difference for a Company to have someone praying for them. When a person asks me to pray for their company, I bring them to the Lord and ask Him to bless their clients or even relationships with future customers. We have seen people save money and become even be more productive. I receive a monthly donation (or am paid monthly by various Companies) to request God's blessing for them. Often I hear an encouraging word that God has answered by giving them favour, protection, and miracles. God loves honest businesses and wants to see them prosper. It is exciting to see lives and companies excel.

If you would be interested in having me as an Intercessor for your Business for a consistent monthly donation there is a link on PayPal below.

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