Myra Sencibaugh

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Myra Sencibaugh

When I was a small child, I heard God speak to me very, very, clearly He said,” Don’t jump off the fence you will get hurt, I looked around and saw no one. Now, being hard headed what did I do? I jumped off and got hurt but not badly for an angel had moved the stick to the outside of my eye instead of the center of my eye. I could of been blinded that was the first time I heard God.

Many years later I was living in Alaska and sent for “A WORD” from God through Kent from the ad in Charisma Magazine. The Word came, spoke to me, flew Kent to Alaska to minister in the church I was attending. Before Kent said anything to me I heard God again saying, ”You are like the woman at the well for you have had many husbands” which I have had. Prophet Kent, spoke those same words that were the confirming words that I had heard from God. This was the second time I heard God.

During this season of my life, I was trying to fill the void that was in me, with earthly things, which did not work for I only felt more empty without fulfillment. So, as I KEPT running from God, I’d ask why am I not hearing you, Lord? However, I was too busy being wrapped up in my life to stop and listen. Speaking to Kent he was giving me prophetic counseling and said, “It’s all about “Location, Location, Location.” At this point, I finally knew I had to get myself to a place that I no longer put my will above Gods.

Guess What? I am hearing God and it is all about Location, Location, Location, for me, and being a willing vessel to become still to “Pray, Hear, and Obey.

I have been through the School of the Prophets and now I have completed the School of Prophetic Knowledge. I now stand before you, as a willing vessel, to be used of God as He wills. Not Mine. SO BE IT!

Myra K

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