Savannah Mozelle Simpson

One night while my father was ministering at a church in Jacksboro, Texas, he decided to move the worship service outside under the stars because it was so beautiful. As he worshiped, God spoke to him and said “Your wife will be with child before the year is over.” So my dad told my mother what God had said. My parents were so excited, but as the year went by my mother was still not with child.

My Dedication to the Lord
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That following New Year’s Eve, my father said to my mother “Well, I guess I was wrong on that word” and went off to bed. Nine months later, I was born on my dad`s birthday. Born in the same month as my mother`s birthday. At eight days old, dad dedicated me to the Lord in one of the churches he oversees.

I accept the Lord when I was eight. It was during an event where my Sunday school class was doing a stage performance. I was too scared to go on stage so I sat in the audience with my parents. In the middle of the performance, I started feeling guilty. I felt that God was mad at me for not performing on stage like the rest of my classmates. I was so upset I started to cry. Dad noticed my tears and took me outside. "What's wrong?" he asked.

I exclaimed, "I feel guilty for not performing on stage with the rest of my classmates."

Dad explained that God wasn’t mad at me. He just didn’t like the sins that I have committed throughout my life. "Do you want to accept Jesus?" he then asked. "Yes!" I said. I felt like a totally new person. I never felt so at peace in my life. Soon after, I was baptized in an above ground swimming pool with a couple of my cousins. The whole church came. Everyone watched as my uncle baptized me and his own two sons.

Healing at New Life Church in Baston, Texas
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At fourteen, I experienced a wonderful healing in my life. Two powerful men of God, Charles Samson and Gene Olen were preaching at a church meeting in Batson, Texas. I had heard they could heal you of anything. I wanted to be delivered from Asperger's syndrome.

During the meeting one of the men asked “If you want to be healed stand in front of the stage, put your hands up and praise God.” So I did what the man said. After 15 minutes of praising God, I slowly went from speaking in English to speaking in tongues. The man asked me to come up on stage and told me to put my hands up. I fell down three times and I pasted out after the third time. The next day my dad asked for my testimony.

My Mom, Andrea Lynn Arnold Simpson
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I lost my beautiful mother when I was sixteen. She had fought a mysterious disease for over five years. Before my mother took her last breath, my father told a family friend to take me out shopping for a dress and shoes for my mother’s funeral. By the time we returned home, my mother was gone and living her new life in heaven with Jesus.

After high school, I began to attend college. But during my first year, I decided I would really like to pursue ministry. I didn’t know exactly what I would do in ministry. But an unexpected trip to Vinita, Oklahoma opened some doors for me.

See What Happened in Vinita!
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We went to Vinita to video tape one of our ministers, Andy Frasure, as he was to minister with the Super Natural School of Ministry group from Bethel Church in Redding, California. The ministry let the younger kids and I paint pictures. After I painted a picture with the group I found out they were prophetic paintings. They asked those of us who had painted a picture to come up on stage and prophesy over the person in the crowd the painting was for. I had never prophesied to people. Now I know I can share prophetic words through paintings!



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